Epsilon Context Resources

What better way to start getting acquainted with Epsilon Context than to watch the videos and read our factsheets.

Factsheets – download an Epsilon Context factsheet:


Videos and Recorded Webinars

Epsilon Context – Introduction Video

Watch the introductory video below to find out how Epsilon Context can work within your organisation.


Webinar – “Supporting SAP Software Rollouts”

Watch this recorded webinar that shows how Epsilon Context Performance Support software supports SAP software rollouts (and in fact any system deployment project) and enables your project to achieve an easier go-live, enable user adoption and meet expected ROI.


Webinar – “Supporting Business Change & Organizational Transformation”

Probably the major challenge facing organizations embarking upon Change & Transformation projects is not the processes or systems themselves, but the individuals within the organization who need to change ingrained work habits in order for these initiatives to have effect.

And therein lies the problem.

When embarking on a Business Transformation journey, how can you elicit the changes in your workforce’s behaviour needed for your initiatives to be a success?

Watch this recorded webinar that shows how relevant content delivered just in time and within context can help your workforce adopt your Change or Transformation initiatives more quickly and smoothly.


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