Epsilon Context Supports End User Training

Organizations worldwide spend over $130 Billion – and over $70 Billion in the US alone – per year in training their workforce.

So, many organizations are spending very large sums of money on formal learning and learning technology platforms (such as Learning Management Systems, content authoring tools, eLearning courses, system simulations and more) together with classroom-based instructors and expensive “bricks and mortar” training facilities, just to find that their trainees’ are forgetting more than 80{a1d8c5f94d44da9b9196d721e827cf5d99f52da4a7842f27362be8fa90a5f55e} of what they were taught within two weeks of training.

And, what’s more, the traditional, formal instructor-led classroom training simply cannot improve the amount of knowledge that trainee’s retain because of the “forgetting curve

What happens now? Either your Helpdesk becomes your de facto – and very expensive – training delivery mode when users are at their desks and trying to use the applications they’ve just been trained in or, the users attempt to use the system resulting in errors and frustration or, the users ask their colleagues (who may or may not know what the user needs) for help. Very costly in any case.

And what compounds the cost of traditional system training is that many trainers will train all users starting at page 1 of the system training manual and ending at the last page – this means that most users are either being trained on functionality and processes that they will never use or at the least are being trained on functionality that they will only use infrequently.

Once again, either case extends the number of days – and cost – required to deliver the training and still the trainees won’t retain the knowledge.

The solution is to blend your formal training with Epsilon Context Performance Support.

Why? Because by applying the Pareto Principle (the 80-20 rule), you can target your training to the 20{a1d8c5f94d44da9b9196d721e827cf5d99f52da4a7842f27362be8fa90a5f55e} of system processes that the users do 80{a1d8c5f94d44da9b9196d721e827cf5d99f52da4a7842f27362be8fa90a5f55e} of the time – thereby dramatically reducing the amount of expensive formal training time – and, for the 80{a1d8c5f94d44da9b9196d721e827cf5d99f52da4a7842f27362be8fa90a5f55e} of system processes that they do infrequently, deploy Epsilon Context Performance Support software to provide the information they need at the moment they need it while the users are actually doing the work.

This workflow, process-embedded mechanism means that your system users are learning while they are doing. It avoids the knowledge retention issues of formal training and gets the work tasks done quickly and efficiently

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To find out more about how Epsilon’s Performance Support Software – Epsilon Context – can help your organization effectively deliver information assets to your end users at their moment of need – and minimize your formal training costs while improving the actual learning – contact Epsilon Software.

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