Epsilon Context for Knowledge Management

Simply put – knowledge management is the process of capturing, distributing, and effectively using an enterprise’s information assets – it’s knowledge.

The problem that many organizations face is generally not the quantity of information or content – it is typically the availability of that information to those who need it at the moment they need it.

The telco adage of the “last mile” applies equally to an organization’s Knowledge Management System as it does to telecommunications.
That is, you can implement very sophisticated KM Systems for capturing, organizing and storing your information assets, however if your knowledge workers can’t get the information in the right amount and at the moment they need it, that information is effectively of no use.

And, just like a telco provider who can provide fiber optic broadband to the exchange – but only 54kbps dial-up to your office – so too a KMS without a Performance Support System to bridge the gap between user, their moment of need and immediate information delivery is far less effective.

To find out more about how Epsilon’s Performance Support Software – Epsilon Context – can help your organization effectively deliver information assets to your end users at their moment of need – and maximize your Knowledge Management System – contact Epsilon Software.

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