Why Do IT Enterprise Application Deployment Projects Fail?

End user adoption and proficiency are critical to a successful enterprise application deployment or upgrade.

Without proficient end-users your implementation is likely to fail in terms of achieving the anticipated return on your enterprise application’s investment. No matter how good the ROI projections are, or how advanced the technology is, or how little it costs, if end users are resistant to change or are not provided with the tools to become proficient in the new system, the final result will be seen as a failure.

Ultimately the success of any enterprise application deployment boils down to, “Is it being used and is it being used effectively?”

And after all, these days enterprise applications (whether deployed on-premise or made available as software-as-a-service from the Cloud) in most cases actually do what they are meant to do from a technology standpoint. However if your end users are either not using the new system or cannot become proficient in it then ROI will not be achievable.

Fastest Route to ROI

Simply put, actions and tools that support and stimulate user adoption provide the fastest route to enterprise application ROI. When individual users embrace the new enterprise application and integrate new processes and practices into their daily work, their productivity improves. When the number of more productive users increases, the organization as a whole enjoys exponential gain and ROI is achieved.

Improving User Adoption and Time to Proficiency

Organizations can realize enormous rewards by providing contextually relevant information that addresses the particular needs of an individual at the moment that they need it.

With Epsilon’s Context Performance Support software, our workflow, process-embedded application means that your system end users are able to access the “how to” procedural information they need at the moment they need in only two mouse clicks and with no searching.

This then enables improved time-to-competency (the time required to bring a new worker to average performance) and time-to-proficiency (the time required for above-average performance). Both leading metrics in achieving enterprise application return on investment.

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