Helpdesks are Expensive

That is stating the obvious however it’s also true that many Helpdesks spend a large portion of their time answering system users “how to” procedural questions rather than what most IT Managers and CIO’s want them to do – which is usually to troubleshoot and fix ICT technical issues.

That means that most organization’s internal Helpdesks are actually a de facto performance support tool. Very expensive.

A classic indicator of this is the call volume “spikes” that occur whenever a new application goes live or a current application is upgraded. Then – as users receive the help they need from the Helpdesk – and move into business-as-usual, the call volume drops dramatically.

Achieving Helpdesk Call Volume Reduction

With Epsilon’s Context Performance Support software, our workflow, process-embedded application means that your system end users are able to access the “how to” procedural information they need at the moment they need in only two mouse clicks and with no searching.

This typically appeals to system end users because it is actually much faster for them to get the assistance and information they need using Epsilon Context rather than the time and effort it takes in trying to call a Helpdesk.

The flow-on effect is that not only do Helpdesk “how to” call volumes decrease but also the calls that are made are technical in nature and so are actually more suited to what the Helpdesk was established to address.
In addition, many organizations are outsourcing their Helpdesk requirements which are often priced based upon $ per call. Hence, by reducing your Helpdesk call volumes, the cost benefits are significant.

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