The Challenge

Enterprise application investments cost millions of dollars.

In many cases, those investments cost a lot more than the organizations purchasing the system ever anticipated.

Project teams in charge of enterprise application investments and implementations can sidestep the painful fallout of hefty cost overruns by addressing the biggest wildcard in the enterprise software total cost of ownership (TCO) equation: people.

When embarking on a new or upgrading an enterprise application, many organizations seriously underestimate the level of support post Go-live that end users will need.

When enterprise application implementations fail, it is usually due to the end users resistance to change and lack of comfort and competency with the system—resulting in low user acceptance and low proficiency.

Even under the best training programs, end users will forget 80{a1d8c5f94d44da9b9196d721e827cf5d99f52da4a7842f27362be8fa90a5f55e} of what they learned within two weeks of training.

As users try to effectively perform their specific job responsibilities within the new system, Helpdesk staff, Subject Matter Experts, and project team members are overwhelmed by the volume of questions and support activities required to minimize productivity loss.

The success of your enterprise application depends on employees learning how to use the software quickly. And that depends on your organization’s capacity to deliver effective performance support during the project lifecycle.

The Solution

Your business will benefit by deriving the highest value possible from the successful deployment of your enterprise applications. With Epsilon Context you can minimize operational disruptions, speed time-to-productivity and reduce training costs – ultimately accelerating your return on investment from your enterprise applications and maintaining your competitive edge.

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