Epsilon Context for Contact Centers

Contact Centers are at the front line of customer service and Contact Center Managers are under pressure to deliver more and better performance from their CSR’s than ever before.
And usually with reduced or reducing budgets.

The classic “more from less” conundrum.

A major factor in Contact Centre management is the requirement to meet a number of KPI’s that are tracked and reported upon with accuracy and frequency.
Some of these KPI’s often include:

  • Reduced average handle time (AHT)
  • Reduced average wait time
  • Increased first-call-resolution rate (FCR)
  • Faster speed to competency for CSRs

The common element that these KPI’s all have is that the achievement of the KPI depends to a greater or lesser degree upon how well the CSR is able to access and deliver the information they need in order to satisfy the caller’s enquiry or resolve their issue.

An effective solution requires a multi-faceted approach however a key element in meeting these types of KPI’s is Epsilon Context Performance Support software.

This workflow, process-embedded mechanism means that your Contact Center CSR’s are able to access the information they need while a caller is on the line and with only two mouse clicks and no searching.

This means that not only are they learning while they are doing but they are also far more effective much earlier than could otherwise be the case. That is, faster speed to competency is achieved.

With your CSR’s being able to access and deliver the information to your callers faster, the flow-on effect is that AHT will reduce – which in turn will reduce average wait times as the CSR’s process the calls faster – and the ability to satisfy the callers requests in the initial call is increased.

To find out more about how Epsilon’s Performance Support Software – Epsilon Context – can help your organization effectively deliver information assets to your Contact Center CSR’s at their moment of need – and achieve some significant KPI’s in the process – contact Epsilon Software.

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