The Business Process Improvement Challenge

Probably the major challenge facing organizations embarking upon Business Process Improvement initiatives is not the processes or systems that are being changed themselves, but the employees within the organization who need to change ingrained work habits in order for the BPI initiative to have effect.

And therein lies the problem.

How can you elicit the changes in your workforce’s behavior needed for your Business Process Improvement initiatives to be a success?

Providing training doesn’t seem to adequately solve the problem – after all, it depends upon your employees retaining the information they’ve been given and learning retention is always an issue.

Loading information into your corporate Intranet or SharePoint site doesn’t seem to work either – it depends upon the employees taking the time (which can be a considerable amount of time) to search for the information in what is almost always a very crowded repository or, even worse, numerous content repositories. So, if they do actually go looking for the information it is likely that they find far too much (and often irrelevant or out of date) information.

Epsilon Context makes it easier to guide your knowledge workers through business processes

Epsilon Context provides moment-of-need business process guidance to your employees to enable them to navigate effectively through your corporate systems and processes so they are able to complete their tasks accurately.

That is, when an employee is working within any of your corporate systems and needs additional help to complete the process at hand or follow a newly implemented BPI initiative, Epsilon Context will provide information at the moment of need in an intuitive and process-embedded way. Any information in any format delivered contextually to the employee from within any of your corporate systems.

The employee does not need to search and Epsilon Context will deliver the information that is specifically focused on ensuring policies and procedures are followed by providing context-sensitive on-screen assistance. All within two mouse clicks.

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