Epsilon Context – Business Process Guidance that empowers your workforce

Your organization is dynamic and evolving but your workforce is struggling to keep their knowledge up to date. Efficiency drops and frustration rises.

Corporate systems and processes are becoming increasingly complicated – and often changed – such that it is becoming more difficult for your knowledge workers to complete business processes accurately and in a timely fashion. Add to this, intensive and costly formal training often results in staff feeling as though they are suffering from information overload – and the knowledge delivered in the training is simply not being retained.

How can organizations overcome information overload and knowledge retention challenges?

Epsilon Context Performance Support for Business Process Guidance (BPG) is specifically focused on assisting your workforce overcome the typical information overload and retention issues that many knowledge workers face and helps ensure that policies and procedures are followed by providing context-sensitive, on-screen guidance when they need it.

What’s more, Epsilon Context BPG is accessed with only two mouse clicks and without needing to search.

Having obtained BPG, users can then continue the business process to completion fast and efficiently without disruption to other staff, without requiring additional training and without calling a Helpdesk.

Epsilon Context makes it easier to guide your knowledge workers through business processes

Epsilon Context provides moment-of-need guidance to your knowledge workers to enable them to navigate effectively through your corporate systems and processes so they are able to complete their tasks accurately with improved efficiency and reduced frustration and errors.
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Epsilon Context for Change Management & Business Transformation
Epsilon Context for Business Process Improvement
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