Change is Challenging

The biggest challenge facing every organization today is change. It will also be the biggest challenge you face next year and the year after that. Change confronts and challenges our ability to create value for customers and remain relevant.

Organizations that are able to implement change are also the most successful.

So, with change and the resulting business transformation initiatives being critical to an organization’s ongoing success, some of the key questions when undertaking a change initiative are “How do we overcome our workforce’s resistance to change?” and “How do we get them engaged?”

No matter what the type of change being undertaken is, the actual mechanics of what happens when we want people to move from where they are now to where we’d like them to be don’t change.

Because people are people, that process is the same. And also because people are people, that means that Performance Support is the perfect solution by providing just enough information and just in time to help people to change.

Epsilon Context makes it easier to guide your knowledge workers through change

Epsilon Context provides moment-of-need business process guidance to your employees to enable them to navigate effectively through your corporate systems and processes so they are able to complete their tasks accurately.

That is, when an employee is working within any of your corporate systems and needs additional help to complete the process at hand or follow a newly changed system or process, Epsilon Context will provide information at the moment of need in an intuitive and process-embedded way. Any information in any format delivered contextually to the employee from within any of your corporate systems.

The employee does not need to search and Epsilon Context will deliver the information that is specifically focused on ensuring policies and procedures (especially important when these policies and processes have been changed) are followed by providing context-sensitive on-screen assistance. All within two mouse clicks.

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