What is Epsilon Context?

Epsilon Context is a Performance Support software application that your organization can use to link content – any type of content that exists anywhere within your organization – to specific screens or pages within your enterprise applications (both browser and Windows-based applications) without any change to or impact on those applications.

Easy for the end user to use – with only two mouse clicks and in less than two seconds.

Before we started developing Epsilon Context we determined that the final application must achieve three main goals.

It must be:

1.Simple to create the contextual Performance Support links – that is, the “map” that matches the target application’s context (ie the elements that exist on that specific screen, in this application and at this stage of a process) to the supporting information that you want to provide to an end user who requires assistance at that point. This must be able to be done by non-technical resources (such as subject matter experts, trainers or L&D staff)
2. Easy for the end user to use – with only two mouse clicks and in less than two seconds.
3. Able to make any content (any file type) and located in any content repository (such as SharePoint, CMS, LMS, intranet, network drive and more) available and delivered as Performance Support at the end users moment of need.

Epsilon Context Performance Support achieves all of these goals – any content delivered to any context within any application, at the user’s moment of need.

Enterprise applications mean it is increasingly complicated for many users to complete system-based business processes accurately and in a timely fashion. Add to this, the problem of classroom-based learning retention means that your enterprise application users may struggle even though they’ve been trained. And that’s not to mention the massive cost to the organization of face-to-face training.

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