Features & Key Benefits of Epsilon Context

Epsilon Context is a Performance Support software application that your organization can use to link content – any type of content that exists anywhere within your organization – to specific screens or pages within your enterprise applications (both browser and Windows-based applications) without any change to or impact on those applications.

When a user within an application needs help, in only two mouse clicks and in less than two seconds Epsilon Context will deliver the relevant, specific content that you have linked – eliminating the user’s need to spend time searching for it

Epsilon Context Performance Support – any content delivered to any context within any application, at the user’s moment of need.

Epsilon Context provides a wide range of unique benefits:
Delivers any content contextually for any application (both browser-based and Windows-based applications)

It is flexible and very fast to implement with no change required either to the target applications for which contextual Performance Support will be delivered or the content

Epsilon Context delivers existing content – no matter where the content exists (so long as it is accessible via a URL or on a network drive) in its existing format. Thereby – unlike other systems that require you to use their proprietary content management system – eliminating the need for rework in order to make your content available for Performance Support

Because you control what, and how much, content is provided to the end user when they use Epsilon Context for Performance Support, you know that the information is current, is relevant to the specific process and concise. Just enough and just in time.

Contextual information can be delivered at the level appropriate to your end user’s needs – including field-level within an application, screen-level within an application, application-wide and also across multiple applications

Epsilon Context’s easy linking of content to target application contexts enables non-technical staff (such as Subject Matter Experts, trainers and L&D staff) to create the contextual Performance Support help without needing complex technical skills and with minimal training

Enables information to be delivered in any format – documents, videos, images, webpages and more

Highly-scalable for high volumes of users

Epsilon Context provides Performance Support at the moment of need faster than any other mechanism and is far faster than asking colleagues, calling a Helpdesk or searching an overcrowded intranet

Delivers existing content contextually from any content source without requiring any changes to the content or where the content currently exists. This means that any content currently existent within any of your content repositories including Content Management Systems, Knowledge Management Systems, Learning Management Systems, MS SharePoint, corporate intranets, the Internet and network drives can be made available to your end users at their moment of need without any searching.

The Solution

Your business will benefit by deriving the highest value possible from the successful deployment of your enterprise applications. With Epsilon Context you can minimize operational disruptions, speed end user time-to-productivity and reduce training costs – ultimately accelerating your return on investment from your enterprise applications and maintaining your competitive edge.

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