Oftentimes it may seem that the task at hand is just too big and that makes it hard to even work out where to start.

In the case of Epsilon Context though, getting started is easy.

You can choose from three options that we have designed to ease the process of scoping your Performance Support requirements and enabling you to build a compelling business case.

Needs Analysis – This is the classic first step and you may not need any assistance with this step however, if you do, we can design and undertake a collaborative needs analysis that examines the current state of performance and defines the desired state of performance. In a needs analysis, the wants are the desired outcomes.

What do you want to see or have happening? The gap between the desired and current state characterizes your needs 

Proof of Concept – A PoC is an invaluable method of proving the Performance Support model in your organization. By definition, undertaking a PoC will serve to clearly show the value of Performance Support with the aim of providing validated information to build your compelling business case.

Limited Live Deployment – Just as a PoC is an invaluable method of proving the Performance Support model in your organization, a Limited Live Deployment provides even more detailed information to support your business case because this type of activity is a mini production deployment. Hence the results derived can be extrapolated and applied to a full deployment.

This is the ultimate method of deriving validated data to build your business case.

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