All Applications. Any Content

Epsilon Context provides moment-of-need Performance Support for users of any application (both Windows-based & browser-based applications) using any content, in any format that exists in any repository.

From Training to Performance Support

Target your training to the 20{a1d8c5f94d44da9b9196d721e827cf5d99f52da4a7842f27362be8fa90a5f55e} of system processes that the users do 80{a1d8c5f94d44da9b9196d721e827cf5d99f52da4a7842f27362be8fa90a5f55e} of the time – and dramatically reduce the amount of expensive formal training time – and, for the 80{a1d8c5f94d44da9b9196d721e827cf5d99f52da4a7842f27362be8fa90a5f55e} of system processes that they do infrequently, deploy Epsilon Context Performance Support Software to provide the information they need at the moment they need it while the users are actually doing the work.

Context-sensitive Help

Performance Support – sometimes known as Context-sensitive Help (CSH) – is the mechanism that provides information to help an end user based on the context of what the user is doing. CSH is a type of online help that is obtained from a specific point in a software application, providing small bites of information that is current & relevant for the situation that is associated with that context.

Why Performance Support?

What is Epsilon Context?

Value-based Pricing

No upfront license fees. No costly per user subscriptions. No lengthy contracts. We know that you will receive such significant benefit from deploying Epsilon Context for Performance Support, that in most cases we can offer value-based pricing. This means no risk to you or your organization.

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